a small village in rural High Suffolk

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Parish Council

Wilby Parish Council meets on alternate months.  The dates of scheduled meetings for 2018 are as shown below.  Meetings will be held in Coronation Hall (the Village Hall) and will commence  at 7.30 pm unless a different time, or venue, is specified.

Additional meetings may be called as and when required.

Meetings are advertised on the parish notice board and the Press and Members of the Public are invited to attend all meetings.

The dates of the scheduled Parish Council Meetings for 2018 (all Wednesdays) are:

 10  January  7 March  2 May (AGM)  11 July  5 September  7 November 

The most recent agenda and  approved minutes  can be viewed by following  the links on the right.

The Annual Parish meeting will take place on 9th May 2018 in Wilby Coronation Hall.  The previous Annual Parish Meeting took place on 3rd May 2017.

To see Parish Council meeting documents, please click on the appropriate link below.  (Click once only).