a small village in rural High Suffolk

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Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan for Wilby is currently being prepared.

On Saturday 24th and Monday 26th November 2018 residents were invited to drop-in to Wilby Primary School (opposite Wilby Coronation Hall) to see what progress had been made and contribute to what was being prepared.   

The following boards were on show, some of them for information and others for participation.

The responses have now been collected and are available as a pdf HERE The original boards are on the left margin and the responses are on the right.

If you were not able to come to see for yourself, you may like to scroll through the event presentation boards below.  

wnp board 1 

 Board 2

Board 3

board 4

board 5

board 6

Board 7

Board 8

Board 9

board 10

Board 11 1

board 12

Board 13

 Board 14 1 1

 board 15

Board 16

Board 17

Board 18

board 19

board 20

board 21 exit


board 22

Future events will be widely publicised but if you would like to be placed on the list for e-mail updates as information becomes available, please contact Karen Collins,


As shown on board number 7, there will be further opportunities for residents to participate.  Details will be published here and in the Parish Newsletter.