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Wilby Neighbourhood Plan - Update 19th January 2021


Following a successful examination in November 2020, the final version of the Wilby Neighbourhood Plan, which incorporates the Examiner's modifications is available.

This is the version of the Plan that will be used from now, for the determination of planning applications in the Parish and will be the subject of a future Referendum as soon as Covid-19 restrictions allow.

Download the Final Referendum Version here

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the making of this Neighbourhood Plan.

It has been a pleasure working with you all and I hope to see you all again in the future.

Best Wishes








Wilby Neighbourhood Plan - Update 17 November 2020


The Independent Examiner's Report into the Wilby Neighbourhood Plan has been received and the Plan has been recommended to proceed to referendum. This is great news.


The Examiner's Report (pdf) is available to read using the following link:    Wilby Neighbourhood Plan Examiners Report FINAL   




Wilby Neighbourhood Plan Update - August 11th  2020


REG16 - Public Consultation on the Submission Draft of the Wilby Neighbourhood Plan

Following submission of the Wilby Neighbourhood Plan to Mid Suffolk District Council on 31st July 2020. The District  Council intends to begin a further round of public consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan prior to it being independently examined.

The consultation will begin on Wednesday 12th August and end on Wednesday 7th October 2020.

For full details please visit the Wilby Neighbourhood Plan page on the Mid Suffolk Website





Wilby Neighbourhood Plan Update - July 31st 2020


Following approval of the revised Neighbourhood Plan and its supporting documents by the Parish Council at its meeting on 30th July 2020, the Wilby Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council for independent examination on 31st July 2020.


For further information on the Neighbourhood Plan's progress and Examination please use this link to the Neighbourhood Plan pages on the MSDC website.




Wilby Neighbourhood Plan Update - July 2020

Following the public consultation exercise held between 22nd January 2020 and 12th March 2020, the Neighbourhood Plan Volunteer Group received responses from 24 local people and 8 statutory consultees resulting in over 200 individual comments.

We wish to thank everyone who took the time to read the plan and respond. 

All comments have been analysed and changes have been made to the Neighbourhood Plan. The amended Neighbourhood Plan is due to be considered by the Parish Council on the 30th July 2020. If the Parish Council approve the plan then it will be submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council (MSDC).

MSDC will then carry out a further period of public consultation on the revised Neighbourhood Plan before it is independently Examined in the Autumn.

Click the following link to download the Amended Neighbourhood Plan as a pdf.

Click the following link to download the Consultation Statement as a pdf which sets out all of the consultation that has been undertaken to influence the Plan so far and contains details of all representations made during the last consultation.


Further updates will be posted once the Plan has been submitted to MSDC.




Consultation on the draft Wilby Neighbourhood Plan begins on 22nd January and ends at midnight on 12th March 2020.


Details of the consultation including how to make comments on the plan and details of the previous public exhibitions can be found by scrolling down this page: 


To view the Pre-Submission Consultation Draft NDP please click HERE. 


As this is a formal stage, comments on the plan should be made using the response form and emailed to wilbyndp@gmail.com

A Word version of the response form can be downloaded HERE 

A pdf version of the response form can be downloaded HERE 


Alternatively you can use a hard copy of the form (downloaded from the website) , print it and drop it off at 2 St Mary's Close, Wilby, IP21 5LJ 

Hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan and the response form will be delivered to every household in the Neighbourhood Area.


Uploaded 20/01/2020





A Neighbourhood Plan for Wilby is currently being prepared. The latest analysis of responses to the Public Consultation Exercise 23,25 March 2019 can be found here.

On Saturday 24th and Monday 26th November 2018 residents were invited to drop-in to Wilby Primary School (opposite Wilby Coronation Hall) to see what progress had been made and contribute to what was being prepared.   

The following boards were on show, some of them for information and others for participation.

The responses have now been collected and are available as a pdf HERE The original boards are on the left margin and the responses are on the right.

If you were not able to come to see for yourself, you may like to scroll through the event presentation boards below.  

wnp board 1 

 Board 2

Board 3

board 4

board 5

board 6

Board 7

Board 8

Board 9

board 10

Board 11 1

board 12

Board 13

 Board 14 1 1

 board 15

Board 16

Board 17

Board 18

board 19

board 20

board 21 exit


board 22

Future events will be widely publicised but if you would like to be placed on the list for e-mail updates as information becomes available, please contact Karen Collins,


As shown on board number 7, there will be further opportunities for residents to participate.  Details will be published here and in the Parish Newsletter.